About Todd Fernandez

Todd Fernandez is the founder and principal of Fernandez Consulting.  He has an extensive background in high tech development and lean manufacturing as well as organizational development.  Todd prides himself on his diverse background and ability to bring new perspectives to any project.   In addition to his work with Fernandez Consulting, he is an instructor and course developer at TechShop.  At heart, he is a hacker and a maker and finds nothing more exciting than taking something apart to better understand how it works.

Professional background
Director of Engineering at reNature Inc
In addition to his work with Fernandez Consulting, Todd is currently employed as the Director of Engineering for reNature Inc, a clean tech startup in Tempe Arizona.  reNature is working to revolutionize the fertilizer industry by turning organic waste that typically ends up in landfills into a sustainable, valuable product to help change the nutrient cycle in the modern world.  reNature began as a Fernandez Consulting client and Todd has been directly involved in helping them develop, construct, and operate an industrial scale prototype out of lab scale technology as well as helping reNature define an aggressive intellectual property position and portfolio in an increasingly challenging and expansive IP market.

TechShop - Instructor and Course Developer
Todd has always had a passion for education and for being as hands on as possible with a problem.  He has been working as an instructor and course developer at the Phoenix TechShop since it's opening in November of 2013.  His main focus has been on teaching courses in manual and CNC machining as well as CAD and CAM software to members ranging from 16-60.  Todd has also been responsible assisted with training staff members on machining and machine maintenance.  Additionally, he has developed 3 new course for TechShop covering CNC planning and CAM software, CAD data management practices, and 3D scanning of parts for CAD design work.

EST Companies - Senior Field Engineer
At EST, Todd was responsible for the development, installation, and maintenance of aircraft and large equipment wash systems in remote locations.  His role focused on liaising with DOD and government agencies as a SPOC to ensure safety and security compliance while ensureing contract performance target compliance.  Todd was also responsible for developing IT and business practices to support numerous field technicians with a worldwide reach.  He helped develop technical and IT systems to enable remote monitoring and diagnostics of programmable logic controllers and other field equipment worldwide and trained field technicians on their implementation and use.

Intel Corporation - Process Engineer and critical Cycle Time Expert
As a process engineer at Intel, Todd held a tool owner for a fleet of 300mm 32nm Tungsten Chemical Vapor Deposition tools.  He supported ramp up of multiple advanced technology semiconductor nodes and led process and maintenance development project teams.  Additionally, he served as a technical expert for improvement of queue time and critical cycle time management at the factory level.  His work led to improvements of up to 200% in manufacturing throughput while increasing quality rule compliance from 80% to >99% on multiple factory limiting manufacturing segments in multiple factories.

Publications and Talks
History and utilization of gCode for CNC machining and 3D printing
HOPE X - 2014 - New York City, New York

Data communication and human factors in semiconductor cycle time management
MIT Lincoln Lab - 2013 - Lexington, Massachusetts

More developments in computer chip manufacturing: how Moore ends (not with a bang but with an accountant)
Reflections|Projections - 2013 - University Illinois at Urbana Champagne, Illinois

Indistinguishable from magic: modern semiconductor manufacturing
HOPE Number 9 - 2012 - New York City, New York

Targeted event planning and marketing via membership analytics
American Society of Mechanical Engineers Leadership Training Conference - 2011 - Houston, Texas

An engineers guide to PowerPoint and the real world
Northern Arizona University
American Society of Mechanical Engineers Student Section - 2010 - Flagstaff Arizona

Formal education
Master of Science
Mechanical Engineering
Rochester Institute of Technology
Rochester, NY
Thesis Topic: Investigation and Modeling of viscoelastic moduli for multilayered polymeric systems using high frequency ultrasonic waves

Bachelor of Science
Mechanical Engineering
Rochester Institute of Technology
Rochester, NY